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Brooke Bag  - Red Medallion  | Designer Collections Online Store

Lydia offers a unique line of products perfect for gifting encouragement or purchasing for yourself. All products ship the next business day and proceeds provide supportive services to women and girls facing cancer. Each purse or bible cover are handcrafted with designer material and are a signature one-of-a-kind piece.

Once they are gone ~ they are gone!

When you are in the Augusta area, stop by Lydia's retail store at the agency for a wider selection of products.
Photo shows a Brooke bag with bonus cosmetic bag.

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Product Image Product Name Product Price Product Type
Bible Cover Large - Burnt Sienna Paisley$26Miscellaneous
Bible Cover Large - Sandy Maze$26 Miscellaneous
Bible Cover Small - Charcoal Swirls$22Miscellaneous
Bible Cover Small - Neutral Floral$22Miscellaneous
Brooke Bag - Red Medallion$45 Miscellaneous
Brooke Bag - Regal Fanfair$45 Miscellaneous
Hipster Bag - Geometric Stone$20Miscellaneous
Hipster Bag - Hipster Bag - Floral Charm$20.00Miscellaneous
Hipster Bag - Mediterranean Slate$20.00Miscellaneous
Hipster Bag - Yellow Honeycomb$20 Miscellaneous
Isabel Bag - Red Velvet$35Miscellaneous
Isabel Bag - Sweet Pink Stripes$35 Miscellaneous
Messenger Bag - Damask Dream$33.00Miscellaneous
Messenger Bag - Far East Gem$33 Miscellaneous
Priscilla - Believe$28Miscellaneous
Priscilla - Courage in Teal Floral$28 Miscellaneous
Priscilla - Hope Vines$28Miscellaneous
Priscilla - Stronger $28Miscellaneous
Rebekah Bag - Petals & Blooms$29 Miscellaneous